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photo restoration services

(photo restoration services outline)


Link to the Library of Congress website with recommendations for handling and care of original photographs and negative images:

Level I - Digital image correction/repair

Price $15 per digital image

  - Color/exposure corrections

  - Minor spot and blemish removal

  - Clarity improvements

  - Leveling and cropping adjustments

  - Red eye correction

Level II - Standard Photo Restoration

Price - $30 per photo (8.5X11 in. max)

   - Small scratch and spot removals

   - Leveling and cropping

   - Sepia and yellowing corrections

   - Minor fading and clarity enhancements

   - Color corrections

   - Minor skin defect removal

   - Edge repairs and vignetting corrections

Level II Before & After

Level III - Premium Photo Restoration 

Price - $45 and up per photo depending on size and level of damage. I can provide fixed cost estimate once I have assessed condition.

This is for photos that have extensive damage (see Level III example). 

   - Includes all Level II services

   - High resolution scanning of photograph (*see note below)

   - Reconstruct missing pieces, cracks, and tears

   - Repair of major water damage and staining

   - Extensive scratch and spot removal

   - Retouching and enhancement of small detailed areas

* Note - High resolution scanning requires me to be in temporary possession of your photographs to achieve the best possible restoration results. If you are not comfortable with this process, I can provide you the scanning requirements to source a local professional to perform this portion of the process. 

Level III Before & After

Additional Services

  - High resolution scanning of original photograph

  - High resolution scanning of original photographic negatives, transparencies, or slides

  - DVD of your photographs to include original high resolution scan and restored images

  - Professional printing, mounting, and framing of restored images

Level II Standard Photo Restoration

The below 2 photos have fold marks with missing areas in the creases. There is also minor marks and blemishes. Overall there is some fading/yellowing and each image has slightly different exposure (brightness). 

Dimensions of the photos are 5 X 7 inches are the digital scans were provided to my by the customer at a medium to low resolution.

click image to view larger

After Level II Restoration 

The 2 separate photos have been blended together,  folds and blemishes removed, and yellowing/fading fixed. The new printable size, without creating image graininess, is 20 X 28 inches. That is twice the size as the original. 

click image to view larger

Level II Before and After Side-By-Side Comparison

click image to view larger

Level III Premium example

The image below is an unaltered high resolution scan of a family portrait showing the overall condition and damage to the photo. The photo is mounted on a backing board that is very brittle and falling apart making handling very difficult. Overall, the image is faded and yellowing causing loss of detail and clarity. 

Dimensions of the photo is 7 3/4 high X 9 1/2 inches long, not including mounting board and is over 100 years old. 

click image to view larger

Level III Pre-Restoration Detail

Below is an enlarged portion of the above photo that has been enhanced to show the extent of the damage. There are scratches, missing portions of the image, discoloration, staining, imbedded lint, spots, and fingerprints, all of which can be fixed.

Additional adjustments can also be made to areas that may not be completely in focus or over/under exposed that occurred during the original photo shoot or original processing. 

click image to view larger

After Level III Restoration

Extensive restoration and repair was done on this photo. Some areas (on the middle left edge of photo) had extensive image loss either due to fading or during the photo taking process. Photographic equipment during this time was quite rudimentary compared to today's technology and people would have to sit still for up to a minute or more during the film exposure. Any slight movement would cause blurring. Lenses of the time would also create vignetting (darkening or fading around the edges). This would also cause people and objects to become less sharp/clear the further away from the center they were.

The new printable size of the photo with degrading quality is 19 X15 inches, twice the size of the original

click image to view larger

note - image resolution has been reduced to fit onto the page.

Level III Before and After Detail Comparison 

click image to view larger

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